Judas Returns the Thirty Pieces of Silver


Judas Returning 30 Pieces of Silver_Rembrandt_c.1629

The Betrayal of Jesus Christ

Matthew 27:3  Then he who had betrayed Him, seeing that He was condemned, sorrowing, Judas returned the thirty pieces of silver again to the chief priests and elders,

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Descent from the Cross


Descent from the Cross_Rembrandt_c. 1634


Mark 15:46  And he bought a linen cloth, and took Him down, and wrapped Him in the linen, and laid Him in a tomb which was cut out of a rock, and rolled a stone to the door of the tomb.

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The Blinding of Samson


The Blinding of Samson_Rembrandt_c. 1636

Judges 16:28  And Samson called to Jehovah and said, O, Lord Jehovah, remember me, I pray You, and strengthen me, I pray You, only this once, O God, so that I may be at once avenged of the Philistines for my two eyes.

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